Monday, August 4, 2008

One of a kind, Tangy Wings

My late grandmother-in-law used to do this but in the deep frying version. She used black vinegar and the moment you sink your teeth into one, you'll start to salivate.

I like it except for the smell. I find vinegar too pungent. And so I have tweak it a little. You might find it weird because usually chicken wings are either sweet or saltish. I doubt you have seen or tried sourish wing before. But who knows you might love it at first bite! ;)

I used to make this for my sister and her classmates. That was before I got married. It was the only (deep fried) chicken wings I know how to do then. Probably the only thing I know how to cook too. :P

My sister is 8 years my junior so she was still in school when I started working. Her classmates would come over to our place to study and she would ask me to prepare this for them as snack. It was their favourite and the only place to have it was our place, by ... me. ;)

Now, this is my son's favourite. :) But I bake it instead so it's less oily.

If you game for something different, try this.

You will need to marinate your wings with 4 part lime or lemon juice, though I prefer lime, with 1 part light soy sauce. I add in 1 tablespoon of (white) pepper powder too. It won't be hot but it gives the wings a light pepper smell. You can omit that if you wish. You don't have to marinade this over-night. 4 to 5 hours should be enough.

I used to just drain the wings and deep fried them till golden brown. Yeah, no flour required but do remember to put a lid on when you deep fried. Don't come asking me to clean your kitchen if you don't. ;) That was when I don't have an oven.

You can bake it instead, if you have an oven or grill it. Spread some oil on the wings before you bake them. I would not suggest using butter here. You have to repeat spreading oil sparingly on the wings a couple more time. Till they are done. Like the Sweet Honey BBQ Wings, I bake this at 180C for 30 minutes or till thoroughly cooked and a further 7 minutes at 200c to get it brown.

Seriously, deep frying them taste a lot nicer. Ooo ... The super crispy skin! Fried or baked? You decide. ;)

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