Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meatball with Cheese

This yet another of my food experiments. After my successful attempt in making Cheesy Pork Cutlet, I continued to find ways to add cheese into my food.

I just love how the cheese oozing out from the food. It makes fried food less dry too. There are two versions of these. The every first version came about when I was making these for my kids.

I took some of the meat paste and instead of using quail eggs. I folded a slice of cheddar into a cube (okay, I sort of shaped it) and used that instead.

And tada! Meatballs with Cheese was born! Which, by the way, is what you are seeing now.

The other version uses only minced meat. No fish paste was involved. The kids preferred the first version because was sweeter and juicer.

I preferred the simpler version without the fish paste which tasted very much like the Cheesy Pork Cutlet except the meat was minced. Whichever version it is, it made me want to eat one after another.

Maybe you might do the same too? Just remember not to come after me if you put on too much weight because of these. :P


  1. wow you love cheese so much, I see pork, meatball, prawn, chicken with cheese lol. I love cheese too but too bad hubby hates it.

  2. Linda, Same here! My hubby doesnt like too. He will only take a couple of bites. ;)

  3. Wow.. I love these.....i love cheese that melt in the mouth when u bite it...:) Thanks for sharing... :p

  4. wowww i think i can eat a truckload of these bad boys! yummmm

  5. Hi Wokking mum, this looks so gorgeous! I should try it out...

  6. You tease me once again with cheese oozing out of food imagery, hee ... the leave garnishes are beautiful ... fabulous photos! ;D

  7. It is really fun to browse for different recipes, I am learning a lot and also thanks for sharing your ideas because at the same time I am also trying my best to learn how to prepare (decent meals :-) Busby SEO challenge


  8. wow, these look amazingly delish and fatty! Love It!

  9. Ellena,
    Thanks! But must be careful when you bite it. ;)

    Mochachocolata Rita,
    Haha ... be careful of your wasitline. ;P

    Bits of Life n Taste,
    Hope you like it. :)

    We love cheese. :) My photos are nothing compared to yours! Yours so pro!

    Poh Nyuk,

    Internet is sure a wonderful place to learn and share. I love blog hopping when I have the time too. :)


  10. Great blog! It's always so nice to be inspired by people who are dealing

  11. hi wokkingmum, I wonder how I can't see the recipe for this Meatball with Cheese. Can you tell me where I can get the recipe. Thank you

  12. Dear WokkingMum, can I have the recipe for the Meatball with Cheese? Whenever I click on Meatball with Chesse, I can't see the recipe. thank you

  13. Anonymous,
    You can follow the recipe for except use cheese instead of egg. Either buy block cheese and cut into cubes or fold cheese singles into cube-like. :)