Friday, August 22, 2008

Noodle wrapped Prawns

This is a waste on fresh prawns. But you can't serve prawns that are not fresh either. It's a dilemma. The best thing to do it to think of an alternative, which I'm going to try making this again using Bee-Hoon (rice vermicelli). So remember to come back to check. *wink*

Meanwhile, have a look at this not so perfect (cos it's a waste on ingredient) dish. But don't you think it looks good? *thick-skin* And it's a kid's favourite. Well, at least, it's my kids' favourite. My daughter only ate the noodles! *faint*

The confession I want to made about this dish was ... I was trying to get rid of the instant noodle I bought wrongly! Err ... Hmmm ... I told you it's a waste of food. :P

This is not difficult to make but it's just a bit more work to be done here.

You need a packet of instant noodles or those thin wanton noodles. As you know, I used instant noodles here. Cook that in water with 1/2 tablespoon of salt. Drain and cover with a damp cloth. What we want is to let it cool so you can handle it with your hands but not dry as they will stick together. But don't add oil because we do want the noodles to stick together later. If you add oil here to prevent them from sticking, you will have a hard time later.

Next, while waiting for the noodles to cool down, you blanch your shelled prawns with tail intact in hot water with 1 teaspoon of salt till 50% cooked. Don't over cook them as they will be too hard after you fry them. Drain and set aside.

Once the noodles are cooled, you can take a few of them and start to coil round the prawns from the tail. You don't want too much noodles on it. Just enough to cover the prawns. If you have added oil earlier, the noodles will slip off the prawns.

After all prawns are wrapped with noodles, refrigerate them for 15 minutes. This helps to 'dry' them so it's easier to fry later.

Heat the oil. You can throw in a noodle. If it sizzles, not just bubbling, then it's hot enough. Put the prawns in and fry till the noodles till the noodles turn light brown. Drain and serve immediate with your desire sauce.


  1. waaaaa looks good... anything else simple to make for dinner? i wanna cook one simple dish for dinner for my gf.. hehe

  2. u are so innovative. looks like a yummy dish :)

  3. What a unique way of cooking prawns.

  4. wow! brilliant idea! pure genius! i love these! hehehe

  5. Wow .... looks yummy. I will definately try this. BTW, I have an award for you in my blog at

    please check it out ya :)

  6. Elaine !!

    Only you can manage to turn something so simple into something Martha Stewart !!

  7. Elaine !!

    Only you can manage to turn something so simple into something Martha Stewart !!

  8. U such a genius... i'm going to try tis for my not fresh prawn bought last week.

    Enjoy reading yr blog.

  9. There's no e-mail that I can see on your web site to contact you with. ????

  10. Hi, that's a nice starter and easy to do... Nice job..

  11. Wow... I'm salivating here now! It's simply looks yummy! I love prawns... :)

  12. what a fun idea! it looks delicious too!

  13. This is a really cool and fun dish to serve. Great idea for my house warming party next year!

  14. Yum these look great - plum sauce to dip and I would be in heaven!

  15. Wow! First time at your blog. You are not only a wokking mum, you rock too! Real cool mom to prepare so many nice dinner masterpieces for your little one.

    I have just linked you as I would really love to copy some ideas from you so that I can love my son the way you do to - this is such a lovely gift to our children! Can we exchange links please?

  16. Waah! now I know you must be a fantastic cook! Cheers! Add U to my blogroll!

  17. Wow, delicious !
    I like eating prawns. But I've never ever thought about wrapping the prawns with noodles. Fantastic~
    Your blog has got many great recipes!

  18. Hey, want to know how I feel about your blog?

  19. what a great presentation with meehoon!!.Your shrimp look great and nicely done!

  20. The shrimps are saying: Help! Help! The noodles are strangling me! ;)

  21. Jolene,
    :P Hahaha ...

    Wah, sure a sweet bf ah! My food quite simple mah. See what your gf like lah. I'm going to make beer batter fish and chips soon. Will post that up. Maybe you can try that? ;)


    Sentosa Girl,
    Thanks but it's a waste for the prawns. :P

    Mochachocolata Rita,

    Thanks for the Award. Will check it out later.

    No lah. I no Martha Stewart lah. ;P

    Debbie Y,
    Hahaha .. not too fresh? Can! Can!
    Thanks for visiting. :)

    the italian dish,
    You can always contact me here or my chatbox. :)


    Wonderful Life,
    Thanks for visiting. Hope your guest will like it.


    It was fun to do it. Thanks.

    Haha ... must have an accompanying sauce to go with this. So you like plum sauce. :)

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll and your award.

    Thanks for the compliment.


    Hahaha ... you are funny! :D

  22. Very cool looking and I bet the texture is super fun!

  23. thank you wokkingMum!!
    I challenged it.
    However, an appearance is inferior to the thing which you made.
    Was very delicious; thank you
    from Hosuke

  24. Hosuke,
    You are too modest! Yours looks very good.

  25. My mom used to make this. It's not a waste of prawns or noodles. Good stuff!

  26. Wandering Chopsticks,
    Thanks. I always think fresh prawns should be eaten by steaming not fried. :P

  27. I've tried this myself.. really easy to make and so yummieee to eat.. my hubby especially loves it very much.

  28. Lintang Dewani,
    Glad to hear both you and your hubby like it. :)