Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bacon Nuggets

Wow! It's has been more than a month since my last update. I had been busy for the past few weeks. Had lots of activities - gatherings (at my place, so lots of cleaning and cooking), birthday celebrations, get-together with relatives coming back to Singapore to visit, kids' school activities, then the kids were sick and now I'm sick. But anyway, this update shows that I'm still very much alive. Did anyone miss me? :P Just a quick post 'cause I'm still not very well. I have been coughing my lungs out. :( This is a kid's favourite and I bet it will be a great finger food for parties. The basic ingredients are streaky bacon and fish paste. I have added grated carrot here though you can't really see it. Shorten the streaky bacon by cutting it in half. Spread some fish paste on it and roll it. The ends of the bacon should be touching or overlapping each other a little. If you would like to add in some chopped or shredded veggies or mince meat, mix them in the fish paste first before spreading on the bacon. Do not put it too much fish paste as it will expand and the bacon will shrink a little when cooked, then the bacon may burst open - not very nice visually. ;) After that, pan fry it with the ends of the bacon facing down on low to medium fire and don't add oil. Once the ends of the bacon had 'stick' together, turn to other sides and continue cooking till the fish paste is cooked. Alternatively, you may want to steam it first before pan frying it. It's faster to cook and healthier too. But do remember to use toothpick to hold the bacon together. Before serving, dab the bacon nuggets with paper towels to remove excess oil. And there you have it, Bacon Nuggets. Enjoy!


  1. Yes I miss you hehe ... sorry to hear you are not well, hope you recover soon, take care!

    I'm still waiting (impatiently) for the price of the oven to drop, hehe... btw, I added your cute-cute badge to my site, hehe...

  2. This is going to be a hit in parties for sure. Thanks!

  3. woah... u r back ~`~ welcome back ~~~
    hehehe u love bacon wrapped things... now u making me drool ... :D

  4. you had me at bacon, baby

    say no more ;) i fell in love

  5. This bacon nugget idea is great. I do miss you =)

  6. Wow... looks yummy!

    By the way, how to make the fish paste?

  7. Well, I recently linked you to my blog and you dont even know me probably but I do miss you also - strange ... good cooks are always missed anywhere they go!

    Thanks for your brilliant toddler-friendly recipes!

  8. Noobcook,
    :) Thanks!

    Sure to inform you when it's on sale. :)


    Thanks. But I thought bacon is a no-no to you? ;P

    Mochachocolata Rita,
    Hehe ...


    Try it!

    Wonderful Life,
    Thank you. You can buy ready-made from super-market or stall that is selling Yong Tau Foo which is better or if you dont mind the hastle, try this

    Family First,
    I dont know you by name but I've been to you blog. ;) Thanks for missing me . :)

  9. Hi, WokkingMum, I have linked your blog on mine as well without letting you know. :P
    I drafted my first food review and hope that I can post my own-made food soon. Do comment when you come visit my site, I can't really cook well but am trying to learn. :D

  10. hey this looks do-able. i may consider doing this :)

  11. i am positive will be thrilled with this super yummy delicious looking snack!
    thanks for sharing.

  12. Shuey,
    Thanks for the link.
    I'll be looking forward to your recipe soon. :)

    It's do-able. Try it!

    You're welcome!