Friday, September 26, 2008

Corn and Celery Soup 玉米西芹清汤

Half a year ago, my husband when for his regular check-up and was told that his cholesterol was rather high.

Now, if you can recall, I did many fish dishes as that was what he was advised to eat more. Well except for promfet and ikan bilis WITH heads on, as both will bring up the cholesterol level especially the later which is extreme high on cholesterol. Don't even think of using it to make stock. So next time, buy those without the head on.

Anyway, back to my husband's little 'diet'. He took very little meat and seafood. His dinner is mostly fish, vegetables and soup. This is one of the regular soup I made for him. Celery soup. Do you know celery can help lower cholesterol?

The bad thing is, he hates celery. So in order to bring down the taste of celery. I added onion and corn together with celery to had it sweeter. Sometimes with carrots. It's very much like the 'ABC' Soup except this has more celery in it. It's really not that bad. Maybe, I like celery. ;)

Although, his cholesterol is back to normal now, I still make this regular. Maybe I should try my luck and make him eat salad with lots of celery - raw. ;P


  1. my hubby used to have high cholesterol too. think i should make him this soup as "maintenance" .

  2. Skinnymum,
    Haha ... maybe you should. :)