Monday, June 18, 2007

Pan Baked Layered Cake

This is another of my successful experiment. *grin* Without the used of oven!

Basically, I used the leftover mixture I did for my Cake Donuts here. They are like pan cakes except they tasted more like cake especially when they are all stacked up high. Add buttercream and you will have a cake or eat it like a pan cake with maple syrup!

Please refer here.

How to do it:
  1. Heat the frying pan. Reduce heat.
  2. Put some cake mixture on the pan and cook till you see bubbles and the bottom is set.
  3. Flip is over.
  4. Put some more mixture to the top of the 1st pan cake.
  5. Flip it over. Cook for 20 -30 seconds depending on the size of your pan cake.
  6. Meanwhile, add more mixture to the top again.
  7. Flip it over.
  8. Repeat till you are satisfy with the layers you want.
  9. Remove and either cream it or just eat it with or without syrup.
As the mixture is thick, you can't pour it out like what you do with pan cake mixture. I twirl the mixture on the pan to form a circle. Works well!

Use a plastic bag to hold the mixture if you don't have a piping bag. Just snip off one of the corners to squeeze it out.

* Have it with Maple Syrup *
* How to make your pan cake *


  1. Hi there! what a pretty blog you have!! Reminds me of 'Pretty Moments figurines'!
    Just wanted to share....that in Sweden, they eat something called Pancake cake...which is quite similar to your layered cake...the pancakes are much thinner though and slathers each layer with whipped cream and tops it with strawberry jam. I think around 12 layers altogether.. :)

  2. Joyces,
    That's interesting! Will find out more! Thanks for sharing! :)