Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cheesy Prawns

I love prawns and cheese and the both together! I experimented with the for a few times already and each time, it tasted yummy!

My first try was with spring roll skin. It was crunchy! But I have to use larger prawns otherwise each bite was more spring roll skin than prawn. Lucky, I had cheese so the cheese stay for my 2nd try. This time with Rice Paper. It's better but I have to be careful when frying them because the skin breaks easily and I had a few that had the cheese oozing out while they were still bathing in hot oil. The sucessful one were delicious because the skin was very thin and very crunchy!

This time I made using Beancurd Skin. Hmm ... look at the results! Be careful when you bite this! Don't let the oozing cheese burn your tongue!

  • Medium to Large Prawns, shells removed leaving the tails on
  • Beancurd Skin, rinsed with water briefly and water squeezed out
  • Cheese
  • Cornflour
  • Oil for frying
How to do it:
  1. Put a skewer through the prawns so they are all straighten.
  2. Blanch till they are almost cook.
  3. Remove skewers, dab dry prawns and set aside.
  4. Cut beancurd skin to size. It should double the length of the prawn and able to roll over the prawn a few times.
  5. Lay 1/2 slice of cheese at the end of the beancurd skin.
  6. Lay a prawn over the cheese.
  7. Fold the beancurd skin up, covering the prawn.
  8. Roll the prawn several time till the beancurd skin all rolled up the prawn.
  9. Spread some cornflour on the edge of the beancurd skin.
  10. Dust cornflour on the prawn with wrapped beancurd skin to dry it before frying.
  11. Deep fry briefly in hot oil.
  12. Remove, drain and serve hot.
  • Blanching the prawn with a skewer first prevent the prawn from curling when frying and also 'bursting' the oil.
  • If you prefer more beancurd, you can add a few extra folds.
  • Use Cheddar Cheese if you prefer a strong cheese.
  • You don't have to fry it too long as the prawn is almost cooked. Fry just to get the skin crispy.
  • You have to rinsed the beancurd skin otherwise it will be too salty. Wiping with damp cloth is still to salty for me. It will be so soft after the rinse that squeezing it won't tear it.
  • Use a tong to hold the prawn while frying. It will be easier.

* Watch out for the oozing hot cheese! *


  1. This is another must try for me :) With your pics, I''m sure I can do it too. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. This looks really good. I must try it soon.. Thanks for showing step by step photos : )

  4. LZmommy,
    My pleasure! Hope L and Z will like it!

    Thanks for visiting but I dont understand your language. Maybe you meant for me to visit you? I visited your blog. ;)

    Blur Mommy,

  5. Wah...lucky I used up my beancurd skin liow, if not sure too tempted to try making this and that means more deep-frying :O

  6. Tigerfish,
    I'm sure you have spring roll skin or rice paper ;) Use those instead lah! Fry!!!

  7. Hi WokkingMum,

    Tried this last nite, super yummy. Thanks for ur superb recipe.