Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Baa Baa Crabstick Sheep

I had in mind this sheep when I did this for my son. It didn't turn out as what I had in mind but since my son could tell from a look that it's a sheep, then it's still not as bad lah. *bleh*

I used 3 1/2 crabstick to shaped the suppose woolly coat, shrimp for the horn and asparagus (yes, we had asparagus for dinner!) for the legs and eye.


  1. This one looks too cute to be eaten! Did your son peel off the "wool" piece by piece?

  2. wow, tooo cute!!! n seems easy (though would be time consuming for my rarely do cooking hands hahaha) shall try it for cairo next time :D
    thanks for posting it!

  3. omg, just visited your gallery of food photos (first time hehe)! wah, can put most kiddy restaurants' garnishing to shame!

    i have heard of such masterpieces done by japanese housewives for their kids but i also thought that its an urban legend hahaha. your kids r truly lucky n blessed! can i foster cairo over? :p

  4. Wow this sure reminds me of a sheep's craft twins made. Too good be eaten leh.

  5. wow, so cute. I love your meal decorations. All of them are so creative, simple but nice.

  6. Simcooks,
    No leh. He 'shave' off and put aside. He ate lamb chop first. Hehehe...

    Cairo's Mommy,
    Hahah ... but this IS easy. Try it. Cairo will love it! ;)

    My gallery ah ... it's for easy reference. Looking at pic is easier than looking at the title ;)
    Japanese housewife can do so much better! I know bcos I work for Japanese before. The mommy even attend course to make kid's meal leh!! Cairo like to eat sheep? hehe ...

    This sheep's head like to small for the body. Maybe twins can do a better job!

    Thank you! I can only manage simple one ;)

  7. first look i missed the sheep's head and i thought i was a bouquet of roses. whether they are roses or a sheep, it really look nice!

  8. Mama Seah,
    Actually, I thought it look like a hedgehog but then since my son said it sheep then ok lah. Still pass lah. :p

    Thank you! ;)

  9. haha...when I 1st saw the sheep, I thot u put in the wrong blog, then I realise it was food, not craft!!! *pei fu pei fu* u are very very creative. U shld consider writing a children's cookbook!!

  10. Blur Mommy,
    hahaha ... thanks! You are too flattering lah! I'm still not up to standard yet. ;)

  11. wah i like this and really looks simple hehehe.....ok i shall try mine ;)