Saturday, July 27, 2013

{ Marshmallow Pops }

I haven't being feeling well for the past week. Suspected case of inner ears imbalance and/or some infection somewhere. =_=||  The doctor couldn't confirm.  (not my regular GP as his clinic was closed for a few days)

Whatever it is, it gives me giddy spells which keep making me puke. Terrible feeling. Medication didn't make it better but worst.

And so everyone told me to rest, rest, rest. Well, if you didn't know, SAHM are not entitled to MC. *Darn. Took up the wrong job* I did cut down lots of housework but I can imagine or I rather not imagine the state of the house when I'm better. And not to mention, the amount of backlog (of housework) to clear.  It doesn't help that the man my personal massager is leaving for his business trip after the weekend. I guess I'm back to using the cold, robotic massage chair which won't be able to listen to instructions. :P

Anyway, the little one and I were having a conversation yesterday morning. She mentioned that the trainee teacher who has been teaching her class will be leaving on that day and asked if there's anything I can help prepared as farewell gifts in "my condition" or perhaps I could guide her.

I couldn't reject her plus I wasn't that sick (I could still log on to Facebook and Instagram :P). Due to the time constrain, I decided to try making marshmallow pops with whatever I have. Bad idea!

It's a very simple treat. Just stick a lollipop stick in a marshmallow. Dip in melted chocolate then in rainbow sprinkles and voila. BUT! I didn't have the correct chocolate (I used couventure chocolate which compound chocolate should be used instead) Hence, we had a hard time trying to dry them.

So I popped them in the fridge for a couple of minutes to dry them a little (the longer you put them in, the higher chance the chocolate will sweat due to the temperate change). They still look decent enough after wrapping. And guess what my daughter told me last evening when she finish school? No, not that the teacher love it.  She said, the trainee teacher's last day is NEXT Friday! *slap forehead*

Well, that's how we ended our week. :) I'm hoping for a better week, starting with a good weekend. I hope you too have a great one!

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