Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{ Hotcakes, Sausage and Eggs Brekkie }

Last Saturday, I overslept and my son had to start tuition first without breakfast. :P

In order to make breakfast fast, I had my oven working on the peas and sausages (I used it to steam both of them). I had the peas lightly seasoned with salt and sausages sear to get the cut lines opened up.

I had 2 pans working on the pancakes. One to make pancakes and the other to keep the pancakes warm. I'm using premixed pancake mix but I added a little vanilla essence, icing sugar and baking powder to it too.

I had the egg cooked in another pan. :P  By the way, the egg shown here was a single egg with double yolk. I bought a tray of eggs with most of the eggs (that I have cracked) with double yolk. They have an average of 79g and the heaviest was 84g! The best of it was 10 eggs cost only $2.40!

I added deliciously sweet golden Kiwi to the breakfast too.

Maybe I should have ask him to just fill himself up with milk. :P

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