Friday, July 5, 2013

{ Little Lunch Box #57 }

Today is the last day of my daughter's school swimming programme and it's also her swimming assessment.
After more than a month break from swimming, she forgotten all the techniques that her coach taught her. (=_=)||  Whether the kids pass the assessment or not, I bet they had lots of fun. Too bad the school stopped having swimming as ECA as they are shorthanded. Oh well ...

Anyway, my daughter loves her best friend's little doggie, called Miu Miu (branded dog ... hehehe), a lot. She kept asking her friend's grandma to bring Miu Miu to school so she could play with her for a while after school. 

On Monday, Miu Miu went to school to wait for the girls to finish school and my daughter played with her for while. She was a bit disappointed that Miu Miu wasn't there yesterday. So I decided to make her doggie sandwiches today. :)

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