Friday, May 4, 2012

Little Lunch Box #22

Opps! Another lunch box post. Recently, my broadband has been giving me lots of problem. It kept dying on me. :( It's frustrating to type the recipe half way through and not being to continue. 

So here's another quick post on what I prepared for my daughter today before the line drop again. It's one of those that didn't go as well as it was planned. Well, at least it's still looked like a frog. Ribbit! Ribbit! ;)

I'm using Pandan Bread here for the green colour and with kaya (my daughter was thrilled cos she love kaya). The eyes are from fish cakes. I saved a bit of it from my daughter's breakfast to do it. I secured the eyes using spaghetti.

The frog's mouth is filled with scrambled eggs and the tongue using ham. The fly (yes, that's a fly on the tongue!) and the wordings are made out of cheese.

So, there you have it. Hope you were tickled like what my daughter was when she saw this. :)


  1. this frog is great! I admire your infinite imagination! Your blog is a source of inspiration for me :)

  2. You are not only creative but very talented! I really hope to learn from u.....from organizing the house to cooking etc....u r my idol.... 收不收徒弟?:)

  3. i really dunno where u get all those ideas're so creative! love all your bento :)

  4. I think this is too cute to eat lah. If my mom made this for me, I think I will kinda... just keep it. Hahahhaa.