Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Lunch Box #20

Fruits is a no-no for the little one. You will not see me pack fruits in her lunch box. She hates fruits. I will still try my luck once a while. I'll be happy if she will just take a bite or two.

I made a all 'fruit' lunch box for the little one, which can never happened; for now. Till the little one decides that (real) fruits are yummy and happily accept them in her lunch box, it will be ham and cheese 'fruit' sandwiches for the time being. ;)

~ . . .

After I posted this, there was this little conversation between me and the little one, when she saw the lunch box I prepared for her ...
Little One: "Oh! It that (the dissected sandwich) lemon + watermelon?"
Me: "No. That's suppose to be a slice of lemon."
Little One: "Ermm ... But lemon don't have black seeds."
Me: -_-|||

So, this lunch box, sort of, failed. Lemon really don't have black seeds. XD

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  1. she's so cute!!! (; nonetheless, the lunch box looks yummy with lots of love (;