Monday, January 12, 2009

Mango Sago with Pomelo 楊枝甘露

One of the family's favourite dessert is mango anything. Mango sago, Mango Shaved Ice, Mango Pudding, etc. This is one of the dessert (楊枝甘露 in Chinese) we always order when we dine out.

So when I buy mango, it doesn't stay in the fridge very long. Like wise for this case. I bought a 5 mangoes and had stoned 3 to be pureed and the other 2 cut into cubes. I was cooking the sago while the mango cubes and puree chilled in the fridge.

When the sago was done and cooled and I was ready to make the dessert, I realised most of the mango cubes were gone! What's left isn't enough for me to make 1 serving. This last 1/2 serving is mine!

Next time, I won't agree to have anyone to have "some" mangoes. Their idea of "some" is countable numbers of leftover cubed mangoes for me. :X

Lucky for me, they didn't drink my puree!

For this dessert, I added (Fruit Tree) mango juice to the puree to make thickness we like. Stir in some cooked sago and top it with mango cubes and pomelo sags for bites. I didn't add to much pomelo as the one I had was a bit bitter.

If you can't get pomelo, try using mandarin orange, which is in season now.


  1. Wow.. Me and my DS love this dessert too..... esp with lot of pomelo and served chill.... :p

  2. never leave your mangoes unattended :)

    my favourite dimsum restaurant in hong kong made this desset with a mix of pink, red and yellow grapefruit... very pretty and tasty.

  3. amazing! I love mango anything too ;p can sell this in restaurant :D

  4. Hi

    My 1st visit here. I love mango a lot and always try to have one after another till mom starts to nag. I had same experience as you did was me who grab mango cubes big by bit while making mango pudding (blush). I like this dessert, will try to make it on my own in coming summer coz it's quite pricey at my favorite dessert place in HK

  5. Thanks, you mango lovers, for comments. :)

    And thanks ange for the suggestion! Will definitely try it!

  6. Hello there,

    This is Sue. I have been following your blog and I think it's very good. The recipes are easy to follow. I was wondering what does it mean by "I bought a 5 mangoes and had stoned 3 to be pureed and the other 2 cut into cubes."

    Thank you :)

  7. Sue,
    Stone means to remove the seed. Then blend the flesh for the 2 mangoes into puree.
    The other 2, after removing the seed, cut the mangoes into cubes. You remove all the skin of the mangoes too. :)

  8. Hi! Where did you get your sago? Did you buy it cooked or did you cook it yourself?

    Why do you add pomelo? Is the taste compatible with mangoes or does it sort of blend into the background because it's not the dominant taste?

    Your creation looks really nice. Do you add sugar to your mango puree by the way?

  9. Oh My God! I just got back from Hong Kong this afternoon, I had Mango sago pomelo pudding while I was there... I absolutley loved it! I came across your blog when I was specifically looking for this recipe. I must admit I think your version might me much better, in Hong Kong they swirl the Mango puree into custard ( creme anglaise), add the sago and chopped mango garnish with pomelo. I can't wait to try your recipe. Good Job, keep up this excellent have a fan in me. Happy New Year!!