Friday, January 16, 2009

Lunch Box #11

Yet another rice lunch box. My son just don't want noodles or bread. Haiz. I'm waiting for the day he says, "Yes, I want noodles for my lunch box." :P For this simple lunch box, I used a little Sakura Denbu for the rice to lightly tint it in pink, so it's not too sweet. And I rolled the rice, maki style, with scrambled eggs as the fillings. I also dusted it with seaweed flakes so it's not sticky on the outside and easier for my son to handle. Together in the lunch box, as sides, are apples and chopped spinach, lightly seasoned with light soy sauce and sesame seed oil.


  1. Great idea, rolling the maki in seaweed flakes. It's not only functional and tasty, it is also nutritious. Great lunch box.

  2. Your lunch boxes are always so imaginative and colourful and so fresh ..I just love them...scrambled egg sushi...very nice,,thx for sharing

  3. "Gong Xi Fa Cai" to you! Drop by to let U know that my new blog is now at Thanks and have a wonderful start to the Year of The Golden Ox!

  4. Sounds terrific!

    A little recommendation, I found these to be so delicious and useful in my kitchen:



  5. hmm... what a great mum...

    putting effort in a lunch box, not only full of nutritious ingredient, but look pretty too...

    HI, I am Jon Looi from AsianFoodGallery.. knowing this site from foodbuzz... amazing site. Keep it up

  6. oh dear. i so very much wanted to see the pics but dunno why on my side the pics not appearing on yr blog...

    i love bentos too.

  7. Thank you for dropping by and leaving me your comments.