Wednesday, August 13, 2014

{ Little Lunch Box #74 }

My daughter was to stay back in school for an extra 45 mins on Tuesday and I thought why not she just get food from the school canteen.  She agreed and I thought that way end of the story.

She told me that morning before going to school that she didn't want to eat in school after all and asked if I could her sandwiches instead.

I said it's fine as long as she doesn't make requests on for the sandwiches since I didn't go the the supermarket or wet market during the weekends and there isn't really much ingredients to work with.  ( eg, I used luncheon meat instead of the usual ham for the ears and 'cheeks'.)

She ended up with one of her favourite, Egg Mayo Sandwiches.   Lazy mum ... doesn't really want to squeeze my brain juice.  Not really not very good with last minute requests either.  So, never can go wrong with Egg Mayo where making my daughter's sandwich is concerned. Hahaha ....

This is probably the last lunch box of this school term, which means, no more after school programmes 'cos examinations are coming. :P  This also means, I will have to find time to post the recipes that I meant to share but didn't have the time to do it.   Got to wake up those lazy bones. :P

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