Friday, August 1, 2014

{ Little Lunch Box #71 }

Today's lunchbox for the little one consist of her favourite Saute Button Mushrooms and Eggroll with Fishpaste.  I want her to try eating Broccoli hence I packed only 2 florets (so she has no excuse not to finish them) instead of her usual favourite veggies.

As usual, mum want to have a little fun packing lunchbox, so I steamed a little rice with blue pea flowers to make a simple Doraemon's head.  The eyes are made from egg white, which I saved a little from the eggroll.  The pupils and whiskers are seaweed.  The nose is crabstick, also taken from the eggroll. 

Hmm ... I think I might have packed too much rice for her. :P

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