Monday, August 11, 2014

{ Little Lunch Box #73 }

I did this lunchboxes for both my kids last week.

They are always at loggerheads, always fighting and arguing with each other.  Even the food they like to eat are opposite of each other. 

One love the tuna sandwich and the other love the egg mayo sandwich but they both hated the other.  This is just one of the many food they hated and loved.  =_=||

Since I had to prepared both their lunchboxes in a short time (cos I wasted time day dreaming :P), I decided to just prepared simple sandwiches.  One for the "cat" and one for the "dog", cos they are just like them. :P  But they there are times that they do get along.  Some of the 'times".

The Kitty

The Doggy

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