Friday, April 11, 2014

{ Little Lunch Box #62 }

My mind's a blank on what to prepare for the little one for her lunch in school.

This was not what I had planned. It was suppose to be sandwiches but I went home buying the bread and all sort of stuff except ingredients for the sandwich. =_=||   Always so distracted.

So, she had "Pie" (Baked Cheesy Cauliflower Mash), "Pau" (Poached Egg with Egg Crepe) and a slice of "cake" (Musubi) for lunch today.

Instruction on how to make the "Pau" (Poached Egg with Egg Crepe) ...

  1. Prepared the egg crepe first. It is done by cooking a beaten egg on a oiled pan. You don't fry it so just oil the pan and clean off excess oil with a paper towel. This is to make sure that the egg crepe doesn't stick and tear when you remove it.
  2. Have a 'piece' of spring onion blanch briefly, with a drop of oil preferred, ready too. This is to help soften the spring onion so it can be used at a string to tie the egg pouch later.
  3. Have cling wrap placed loosely over a small bowl.
  4. Crack and egg inside and gather the top and tie it using a part of the cling wrap.
  5. Move it around in simmer water to cook the egg till the done-ness you want. The egg I did was cooked with cooked white and soft yolk.
  6. Remove the cling wrap and place it in the middle of the egg crepe.
  7. Carefully gather up the edge of the egg crepe and tie it using the spring onion. Be gentle.
  8. And it's done.

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