Friday, April 4, 2014

{ Little Lunch Box #60 }

A few days ago, my daughter requested that I made her all time favourite burger for her lunch today as she has After School Programme.

The meat patty is a mixture of minced pork with fish paste. I added chopped coriander and diced crabstick to the mixture too. I also added some pepper to it. No further seasoning was added as fish paste is already seasoned. The patty is then pan-fried as it is with no panko or breadcrumbs.

Mushroom is my daughter's favourite. Hence I made some saute mushroom with only a pinch of salt and added it  to the burger with some Alfalfa Sprouts too.

The burger is secured together with a toothpick with an Edamame Bean at the end so the kids know about it.  And no! I don't have so many kids! The other 2 in the background were for her friends. My son will return home to eat this for lunch too.

By now, you must be mumbling to yourself, if I am ever going to talk about the carrier for the burger. Right? ;P

I ran out of burger box so I use the regular round containers that are used for take-aways to pack the burger.

I heated up a metal chopstick (Korean chopsticks) and poked it thru the bottom center of the container to make a hole. You can use a screwdriver and remember to clean the container after that.

Next, I tied a string (I'll use a nice ribbon if I had planned it earlier) so it's in a loop and pressed a date tag, used for bread, to the loop. You can tie a knot close to the tag. The loop is then threaded thru the hole from the inside of the container. 

Now the cover of the carrier is done.

I placed a piece of wax paper on the cover with the top of the cover facing down. The burger is place on it. Next, you cover it with the base of the container, which is now the cover.

Press it down to secure it. You know you have done so when the wax paper on the outside are all 'pointing upwards'. Having said that, please go ahead to double check. :)

The wax paper helps make the closure tighter and also help hold any liquid from the burger. There will be an indention when the cover is opened and the wax paper will look like a little bowl holding the burger. :)

If  you are worry that your kids do not know how to open it, just turn the container upside down and open the container the usual way. Then hold the flat cover over the container and turn it back to let the burger drop back onto the cover.

Just a tip here. Get the right size of container for your burger if you intend to do this. You don't want the burger to fall apart. :)

Try it out next time you pack food for your loved ones. :)


  1. Can I ask where you buy your mushrooms and alfafa sprouts? Which supermarket do you usually frequent?

    1. Mushrooms usually from the wet market as it's a lot cheaper. The alfalfa is from cold storage.
      I like going to cold storage but it depends on what I'm getting too.

  2. Your kids will eat alfalfa sprouts???? I'm very impressed! And once again, you're a super mom with lots of brilliant ideas. Who would have thought you can use a takeaway container upside down for a burger!?!?!

    1. Hahaha .... That's because they don't take lettuce. So I use alfalfa instead. They are ok with it if added to the burger, not eaten alone as salad though.

      Thanks for the compliment. :)

  3. That's such a novel idea. I'd never have thought of that :-)