Monday, April 21, 2014

Fried Ginger Shreds

I made a container of Fried Ginger Shreds today.  I love to use this to top on dishes like Threadfin with Ginger Sauce, Frog Leg with Ginger and Scallion, Braised Chicken in Ginger, Porridge, etc.  I love to eat them as tibits too.

This reminds me of my confinement days.  The confinement lady knew I loved to munch on them, she made me a big container of it before she left.

You need to be really skillful in order to get thinly sliced ginger slice.  You will have a hard time frying thick shreds as it will brown on the outside but still raw inside.

I have shared how I cheated on shredding ginger years ago, here.  I'm sharing this again for those who loves these ginger shreds but had no idea how to do it thinly.  I even used this to slice Arrowhead to make chips during the Chinese New Year period.

You just need this magical tool.  It's magical to me cos I have this for years and it's still able to shred my skin off my hand if I'm not careful enough. :P

You just need use the peeler to slice out thin slices of ginger, then stack a few slices and julienne it.  That part, no more cheat tricks. You have to keep trying till you get it thin enough.

Fry the ginger shreds in batches on medium low heat till they turn lightly golden.  At this point, they will start to brown and burn very quickly, so remove them as fast as you can. If you have problems removing them fast, I suggest you pour everything out into a strainer.

You can return the oil back to the pan to continue frying the next batch.  Drain the fried ginger shreds on paper towel to remove excess oil. Store them in an airtight container once cooled.

Do not discard the oil.  You can use it to drizzle on your cooking just like how you use sesame oil.

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