Sunday, April 13, 2014

{ Breakfast : Caramelised Peppered Bacon with Sausage }

This was my son and his tutor's breakfast today.  We love the Caramelised Bacon with Black Pepper. It's a nice change to the usual salty bacon. Not sure if the tutor like it though.

My daughter doesn't like bacon or this type of sausage. =_=||| She had her kaya sandwiches and scrambled eggs (what else!). She asked for garlic bread after that. And so this mum, when ahead to make the garlic spread and made a few using hotdog bun for everyone to share. No pictures here on that but you can check on my Instagram on it.


  1. I love your recipe ! I'm a student living in hostel and your recipe makes my dinner so well ! thank you ! :) hoping for more chinese style recipe.

  2. By the way, may i know how to cook butter chicken / pork ? 奶油鸡? i am most grateful if you could share the recipe ! :)