Wednesday, November 6, 2013

(Non-Bake) Choco Cream Cheese Truffle Tart with Choco Mint

I shared my Non-Baked Choc Cream Cheese Truffle Tart on my last post.

That was a 'plain' tart. I did some tarts with 'fillings' too. I happened to see some Chocolate Mint Bells selling in the supermarket and bought a packet home.

I placed one in each of the tart. You can add nuts, raisins, fruits, marshmallows, etc, too. It will make the tart more interesting and with more bite it in.

I understand that not many like digestive biscuit or maybe Oreo biscuits are more common in your home (because of your kids). You can use Oreo instead of digestive as the tart base. Just make sure you remove the cream otherwise it will be too sweet.

Hope you like this variation!