Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{ Little Lunch Box #58 }

My daughter has field trip to the Hort Park today. I planned to wake up an hour earlier to prepare her lunchbox but unfortunately, I didn't hear the alarm and woke up at the usual timing. :P

I am used to taking my own sweet time to prepare lunch boxes as she used to be in the afternoon session. However, this last week of school, she is in the morning session instead.

I have never prepared a lunch box that required "assembling" this fast. All done in 30mins; excluding cleaning up. :P

I had my steam oven steaming the frozen edamame beans, a pot blanching the the sausages and ham and a pan frying the egg roll while I shape the rice balls; all at the same time!

It started raining so hubby offered to drive the kids to school so they won't be wet. That leaves me some time to prepare a quick lunch box for myself (below) as I was suppose to follow the kids to Hort Park too as a parent volunteer.

Unfortunately, the teacher called shortly to inform that the trip was cancelled due to the rain. It was quite a bummer. I bet my daughter will be disappointed as she has been looking forward to this trip, especially since it's the first time that I'm joining their field trip.

Anyway, I hope she still enjoys her lunch box with her friends in school.


  1. ham + sausage in one meal, too much sodium.

    1. 3 mini cocktail sausages and 1 slice of ham, blanched is still much sodium?
      What do you suggest? Can you share what do you usually have in a meal?

  2. Hi Elaine

    I am learning to make lunch boxes for my kids. As both my kids are in morning session, it's a big rush especially for a novice like me who has not cooked before and I am hoping to give them health alternatives. Your lunch boxes look so good and yummy.

    Will need your advice - for food items that are steamed and items like sushi, how do you pack them since some of them are prepared that morning itself? If we pack them when they are hot, wont they get wet and mushy?

    Do you need to cool the items first? Approx how long does it take?

    1. Yes, you must cool them first if not they might turn bad by the time they have it. It depends on the food, abt 10 mins or so. Use a fan to do it.