Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fried Prawn Fitters

I used to eat this when I was a kid with the rest of the Ngoh Hiang 五香罐肠. I don't know if it's me (becoming stingy :P), because I find that it's getting so expensive nowadays that it will always be the first thing I avoid ordering.

I can vaguely remember the vegetables that was added in the batter being bean sprout and something green. :P I'm guessing Chinese Chive. Please let me know if you know the correct ingredients.

This was a last minute dish, hence I could only get spring onions to replace both the bean sprout and Chinese Chive that I recommended using.

Baby prawns is not a must and I doubt it can be easily found. I so happened to see it selling in the wet market and I knew I have to get some to make this. You can always use small prawns.

Hope this brings back your childhood memories. :)

  • 350g Baby Prawns, antenna and legs (etc) cut
  • 1 stalk Chinese Chive, diced
  • a handful of Bean Sprout, heads and tails removed
  • Oil for deep frying

  • 160ml Water
  • 120g Self Raising Flour
  • 20g Corn Flour
  • 20g Rice Flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon Chicken Stock Powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt

How to do it:
  1. Add a teaspoon of salt to the prawns and rub and coat well.
  2. Rinse, drained and dab dry.
  3. Put aside.
  4. Meanwhile, heat oil in pot.
  5. Mix batter well and add in chive and bean sprout.
  6. Dip ladle in oil then scoop about 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoon batter to the ladle.
  7. Place 3 baby prawns on the batter. 
  8. Add a little batter on top if you have problems sticking the prawns.
  9. Sink the ladle in the oil. Use another ladle or spoon to push the batter out if necessary.
  10. Fry till lightly golden brown then flip over to fry the other side.
  11. Once the fritter has turned lightly golden brown, remove and drain on paper towel.
  12. Repeat till all batter has finished.
  13. Serve hot with your favourite sauce.

  • Add the water to make batter gradually, if you find the batter too thick, add a bit more water.
  • If you are not able to get baby prawns, which the shells are thinner, hence we are able to fried till crispy, use regular small prawns but peel them.
  • You can cut the prawns into 2 of you find it still too big.
  • Mix it with the batter to be fried.
  • Do not place it on the batter like what I did with the baby prawns as it does not have the shells to prevent it from drying out from frying.

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