Friday, July 6, 2012

Little Lunch Box #26

This is one of the lunch box I prepared for my daughter earlier this week.

It had all her favourite food except for the apple (cos she hates fruits). She promised me she would try taking fruits so I added a few pieces just to let her try.

From top left, it's minced chicken with prawn coated to panko, blanched peas, corn and chopped crabstick, apples and blanched kai lan stem with a dash of light soy sauce. The rice is sprinkled with furikake.


  1. Hi. Where do you get those cute picks?

  2. Hi there,can i ask where did you get this lunchbox,it comes complete with the dividers?

  3. Thanks for sharing. Nice bento box. I realise I share the same Hello Kitty Spoon as your daughter. By vthe way, what is Panko?

    1. Panko is a Japanese brand bread crumb used for coating food for frying. :) Can be found in Cold storage. Personally, it is the best brand of breadcrumbs I've ever used compared to other brands as it stays crispy longer even when left to stand for hours after frying. Hope this helps.