Thursday, April 19, 2012

Konnyaku Coconut Jelly

Weather is scorching hot today and I happened to be at Giant to buy eggs. I decided to get 2 coconuts as well. I had wanted to drink it but changed my mind and used it to make jelly instead.

I always make coconut jelly using gelatin. I decided to change and tried using konnyaku jelly powder since I have a packet at home.

If you like it more firm, you will like konnyaku jelly version. I still prefer the gelatin, soft, smooth and squishy. However, it's much easier with the konnyaku jelly as you just need to follow the instruction as printed on the packaging, replacing the water with coconut juice.

Whichever jelly you like, it's a refreshing dessert to have especially in this hot weather. If you would like to try out the gelatin version, hop over to this post. And if haven't read my post on how to crack the coconut on your own (in case you bought it that's not cracked), it's here.

  • 1 packet of 10g Konnyaku Jelly Powder
  • 950ml Coconut Juice, approximately the juice of 2-3 coconut with additional water
  • Sugar to taste

How to do it:
  1. Crack the top of the coconut using the back blade of your chopper by hitting it.
  2. Pour the coconut juice out to a bowl.
  3. Scrap off the meat.
  4. Discard meat if it's hard. Only retain the soft and tender ones.
  5. Dice the meat and set aside.
  6. Bring coconut juice and water if any to a simmer.
  7. Stir in sugar to taste.
  8. Gradually, stir in the konnkayu jelly powder.
  9. Keep stirring till it has totally dissolved.
  10. Return the dice coconut meat to the coconut jelly mixture and mix well.
  11. Pour the mixture in the coconut shell, cup or mold.
  12. Refrigerate it to set.
  13. Serve cold.
  • The instructions of different brand of konnyaku jelly may differ from one another. So you may have to make your own amendments.
  • The recipe I'm sharing is based on the adjustment of the instructions on the packet of konnyaku I'm using.
  • Basically, you will just need to replace the water needed with the coconut juice.
  • You can top up with water if you don't have enough coconut juice. 
  • Sugar is added according to taste.


  1. thanks for sharing this!
    am making this as soon as i get to buy coconuts!

  2. Thanks for sharing. It was easy to make with your clear instructions.