Sunday, June 1, 2008

Disney Characters Shortbeard

Just sharing what I did with the Disney characters cookie cutters I have using this recipe. Originally, my plan was to bake a container for my friend to bring back to her hometown in Malaysia but due to some hiccups at my end, I could only bake it on Saturday morning and she is leaving in the afternoon. It a bit to rush for her to pick up from me.

Oh well, I shall benefit my neighbour then. Hehehe


  1. Aiyoh, so cute. I love Winnie the Pooh. Your neighbour is sooo fortunate ^^

  2. hi^^WokkingMom.
    Thank you for visited it in my weblog.
    so cute cookies!!
    I want to eat

  3. Looks great! Now I have to figure out how to change over the measurements!

    Amanda Louden

  4. The kids will love these. Thanks-

    Great blog, glad I found it.

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  5. The cookies looked yummy...Shall try my Disney cookie cutter too ;P
    Will give your recipe a try. Thanks!

  6. Noobcook,
    Thanks. Hopefully, they didn't throw it in the bin. :P

    Thanks for visiting too.

    Thanks. Hope you find a good converter.

    Expired Foods,
    Thank you. Will visit soon.

    Happy Belly,
    Oh! I saw your cutters! We have same sets!

  7. Love them all!! Can I have all? :P happy baking!!!

    Yummy woah.

  8. Sentosa girl
    They are cute eh? hehe ... Sure you can if you are my neighbour. hehe ... there's no way of getting them to you. ;p

  9. These are so cute, don't think your neighbors will throw them into the bin la. :P

    I would say forunate kids and husband, who have a mummy putting in so much effort to cook for the family.

  10. Hi WokkingMum, where did u get these disney cookie cutters?? they are so adorable...even if my cookies are not edible, at least they are "seeable" if i use these cutters..hee!

    BTW, can u share how to make sushi rice? what brand of sushi vinegar u use?

    tks a million!

  11. CrafyMum,
    I bought the cutters online thru Yahoo Auction.

    I haven't make sushi rice for a long time. Those you see here that looks like sushi rice are actually our normal thai rice. i just add more water to make it more fluffy and sticky.

    I can't remember the brand name for the sushi vinegar that I used to use to make sushi but you can make your own.

    Just mix to followings together:
    1 1/2 tablespoon rice vinegar
    1 tablespoon caster sugar
    1/2 teaspoon salt.

    When the rice is slightly cooled, pour the vinegar gradually. Mix well till all vinegar are used.