Monday, June 16, 2008

Rice Sandwich

Here's a kid's meal idea with the help with a cookie cutter.

I'm using luncheon meat (I only use Tulip Brand so no worries. hehe.) for the cut outs. But wait! Don't throw away the remaining. That's wastage! You can use that too.

After cutting out the shapes, lightly pan fried it without oil. Return the cookie cutter back to the cooked luncheon meat. Now, scoop some rice in the cutter and top it with another cooked luncheon meat.

Press it down while holding the cookie cutter to make the rice stick together and firm. If your cookie cutter has the imprint part, use that.

Remove the cookie cuter and you will have your rice and luncheon meat sandwich!

For the remaining luncheon meat, I stuff only rice in the cookie cutter to be fitted in it. Yah, this doesn't look like a sandwich. If you prefer only to use the cut out luncheon meat, the 'unwanted' part can be used for other dish like fried rice. So don't throw it away.


  1. I looooove luncheon meat. However, people in England look at you a bit strangely if you say you like Spam, so it's become a guilty pleasure...

  2. Wow.. this is sure good... I also used the cutter to mould sushi rice for Reyon. And he realli can finished 4 of this pooh sushi without my help without much time instead of I must kept feeding him while eating the rice from the bowl itself. Guess we realli Spoilt our kids with all these fancy utensils.... :p

  3. This is really sweet.

  4. Lizzie,
    Really? Why is it so? Because there are so many other yummy food to choose from? ;) I have not tried Spam (brand) cos it the most expensive brand. I have been eating Tulip brand since I was a child.

    Bento Pet,

    Oh! Yah! I didn't think of that!

    Haha... same for my kids. As long as I don't need to nag at them to eat, I don't mind spending on utensils.:P

    Sentosa Girl,
    Thank you!

  5. May i know where you buy the utensils?They look soo cute!!

  6. Anonymous,
    I bought them from eBay. You can use cookie cutters