Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sweet Honey BBQ Wings

My friend was asked to prepare chicken wings for a bbq. She hasn't been to one for a long time and had no idea what to do. I thought the normal sweet version should not go wrong.

After telling her, I had the urge to have some bbq wing too and went to get some wings the next day. I used the oven of course. I won't want to clean the whole house using my hot plate.

But instead of preparing one flavour, I did two! Well, because the second one was my son's favourite. ;)

Anyway, for the honey sweet wings, I just marinate the wing overnight with 3 part honey and 2 part light soy sauce. Add in 1 part ginger juice if you like.

When you are ready to bbq and in my case, bake, just drain the wings but reserve the marinade. Add in a tablespoon of oil or butter and use it for basting.

Baste frequently till the wings are throughly cooked. If you are using the oven like I do, bake at 180c for 30 minutes and increase to 200c for 7 minutes to get it slightly brown.

I like to squeeze in a lime or too when I serve it.



  1. Hi, can i know what do you mean by 'part'?

  2. Blessed Couples, for example, if you are making just a small portion, and you use teaspoon, then the 'part' here means teaspoon. If you are having a bbq, you might be using cups instead then 'part' means cups.

    So, the marinade reads,
    3 (teaspoon/tablespoon/cups/ml) honey
    2 (teaspoon/tablespoon/cups/ml) light soy sauce, and
    optional 1 (teaspoon/tablespoon/cups/ml) ginger juice

    Hope this clarifies. :)

  3. hi there, i was just wondering if i use "CUPS" how many chicken wings do i need?

    thank u

  4. Cathy Jane, I'm not so sure but my guess is around 15+.

  5. what is basting in oven????should it be wrapped in foil and then baked??

  6. Basting means to coat the wings inbetween grilling. Just like how you would do when you are BBQ-ing.

    Do not wrap the wings here. They will turn out 'steamed' when they are done.

  7. Hi...I accidentally doubled the light soya sauce...will it be too salty?

    1. For chicken itself will be ok but it will be too salty to use the marinade for basting. You may have to make a small portion to use it for basting.