Friday, March 7, 2008

Cabbage Soup 高丽菜清汤

I think I have the weirdest kids. I totally didn't expect them to like this soup but they love it! They ended up having rice with this soup only, totally ignoring the rest of the dishes. My son had an extra 1/2 a bowl of rice and even finished the cabbage in it. Not to mentioned, they finished it rather fast too.

This is one of my comfort soup. My mother cooked this a lot when I was young. If you remembered, I mentioned before my mother doesn't really know how to cook. She made this soup using stock cubes and added (minced) meatball in it. So there's soup, veg and meat. No headaches. One dish settled the dinner. Simple *laughs*

Here, I used home-made chicken broth instead. It's really simple to make. Just cook 1 litre of broth with 1 to 1 1/2 handful of shredded cabbage for 20 minutes or till the cabbage and soft. Season with salt and that's it. If you are adding meatballs like what my mother did, add them after the soup starts to boil. How easy is that!

* simple Cabbage Soup *


  1. and i was wondering how else i can cook cabbage! tks for this reminder - i actually love this simple soup especially with a dash of white pepper.

  2. Tracy,
    Welcome! Yes, it's really simple and fast to cook. And I like the sweet taste from the cabbage.

  3. Hi, I saw your icon (very cute) on foodbuzz, and that brought me to check out your blog. Very nice. I'll be back.
    Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes Blog

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  5. remind me the cabbage soup.. last time i use to cook and love it.. my way will be using 'dried pawn' (xia mi), cabbage and eggs.. like forgotan this soup for quite some long time.... thanks for reminding.

  6. My mum and grandma cooks this soup too! :)

  7. Lori Lynn,
    Haha ... you like my icon? ;)
    Thanks for visiting. Will visit you later. :)

    Thanks. I will check it out.

    My Life Zone,
    I'll try your method next time but I will be the only person drinking it. :P Hubby hates Xia Mi and my son hates the 'egg flower'. But I like both! hahaha ..

    Really? This is every one's comfort food then. :)

  8. hihi, made this last night with chix cube, fishball and minced meat balls as I wanted some comfort soup. Added loads of water so I do not feel that bad using chix cube and pepper for seasoning. Dad finished almost 2 big bowls of it!

  9. Jean, Sound delicious! I would have finished 2 bowls of it too!