Saturday, March 15, 2008

Starry Egg or Eggy Star?

How do you fry your egg? My husband like his sunny-side up. I like mine with the yolk covered by the white, like pouched eggs. My kids obviously like them in shapes! Seen here is the star-shaped fried eggs. *wink*

It's a bit more work to do this but I like to see how the kids sitting at the table waiting to see what shapes will their eggs be like. It made their meals more enjoyable. This is great for bento too. Wanna know how I do it? Nah, I'm not telling. Kidding.

You will need two cookie cutters, one large cookie cutter and another medium cookie cutter. The size of the cookie cutter depends on the size of egg you are using. I'm using two same shape cutters. You can have different shapes, like a big star with a small heart for example.

How to do it:
  1. Heat and oil your frying pan.
  2. Oil both whole cookie cutters on all sides.
  3. Place the cutters in the pan with the smaller cutter in the larger one.
  4. Crack and separate the yolk.
  5. Place the yolk in the smaller cutter and the white in the larger one.
  6. Use a toothpick to spread the egg if necessary.
  7. Continue frying on low heat till it's half set.
  8. Carefully pour in some hot water around the large cookie cutter to cook the egg till the whites are set. ** You can omit adding water and continue frying till it set but I prefer to use water so the base won't be hard from frying (my kids won't eat it.)
  9. Use a spatula (with slots if you have used water), to remove the egg. Be careful because the white and yolk will separate if you oiled the cutters well enough.
  10. Place it on a plate and remove the cookie cutters from the egg.
  11. Serve immediately.
Oh, if you don't have large cookie cutters then try using quail eggs instead. The result is cute! Have fun!


  1. wow it is a very creative idea.......

  2. u purposely dun wan d white n yolk to stick is it?

  3. Archana,
    Thank you.

    No that. I wanted to get the yolk in the shape but if you oil the cutter well enough, it will separates and it's also easier to remove. Otherwise, you might need to use the knife which can be messy. I can't think of other method to make the white and yolk in separate shapes. At least not for the moment. ;)

  4. ok, hv u tried putting the yolk in first, then after bout 10sec, add in the white on the outer ring and lift up the inner ring after few sec so the yolk will set on the white?

    Not sure if it works though, just suggesting.

  5. Dailypatnews,
    It doesnt work your way. If you look at pic 2, you will see that the yolk is higher than the white. If remove it before the yolk set (10 secs, probably only the bottom is cooked) the top uncooked yolk will flow over to the white. ;)

    If you want the yolk to stick to the white. This is what you can do ...

    Put the larger cutter first, pour over a little white and spread it with a toothpick. Dont swirl the pan cos the cutter will move.
    Now place the smaller cutter in the midde, pour the yolk in. The rest of the steps will be the same. :)
    But then, this will means an extra step. ;)

    For me, it doesnt matter if the yolk stick or doesnt stick to the white. I just want the shapes for both. ;)

  6. oo... u r right... forgot bout the spill over effect....

    ya, who cares if they stick or not as long as the one eating it dont mind.

    ok, will remember to do that next time i hv kids old enough to enjoy it.... hahaha...

    coz if i do now, my hubby will ask me y waste time, he dont even take egg yolk... hahaha

  7. This is really sweet!!!

    *Grab a bite* *Hmmmmm* Yummy. Will try to make my own.

  8. im curious.. won't ur cookie cutter melt? (i assume u r using the plastic one thou)

    anyway i saw some silicon ones at daiso.. rather cute w train shape n etc.. u might want to check it out

  9. hi, i tried cooking the starry eggs this morning. unfortunately...i failed turned out not as expected...may i know how you oil the cutters? i did oil the cutters but the eggs just don't come out easily and it was really messy...

  10. Sentosa Girl,

    I'm using metal. Yes, plastic will melt.

    I saw that on my last trip there! Yay, very cute!

    Hmmm ... what happened? It was cooked but egg yolk/white still sticking to the cutter?

    You oiled everywhere? How abt trying butter? I'm thinking maybe the cutters are not 'oily' enough.

    Perhaps, you put more oil on your cutters and dont put oil on your pan. The extra oil will drip to the pan, so it's balance.

    Hope this helps.

    Let me know the outcome. ;)

  11. mm...a bit more works, but really amaze on the result :)

    Thinking to try this for my picky son... thx for sharing.

  12. My Life Zone,
    Yah, so much more steps and wash to do just to make this. :P

    I do this as a form of reward for my son. ;) Hope you son will like it. :)

  13. that is so cute!!! totally creative