Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tofu Cubes with Fermented Bean Curd

I'm a Teochew and I ate Teochew porridge a lot when I was young. In fact, everytime when it's my father's offday, he will cook porridge with a few side dishes like this, this or this. His offday would mean bean sprouts plucking day for me too. Because I have to pluck a big bag of bean sprouts! We won't miss the Salted eggs and Fermented Bean Curd on the table too when we have porridge.

The other day I was hungry and since there was a leftover bowl of my daughter's porridge and a piece of tau kwa (firm tofu) in the fridge which I decided not to use for dinner, I did this and that settled my supper. So Teochew. My late grandfather would have loved this.

  • 1 piece Tau Kwa (firm tofu), drained and cut into cubes
  • Oil of frying

Seasonings to be mixed together:
  • 1 piece Fermented Bean Curd
  • 1/2 tablespoon Sauce from fermented bean curd
  • 1/2 teaspoon of sugar
  • 20ml Water

How to do it:
  1. Deep fried Tau Kwa till golden brown.
  2. Drain and transferred to a wok.
  3. Add in the seasonings.
  4. Stir fry well till the cubes are well coated.
  5. Continue stir frying till the sauce is almost dried.
  6. Dish and serve with hot plain porridge.

  • Click HERE for printer-friendly version of an original recipe.

* Sichuan Fermented Bean Curd with Chilli and Sesame Seed Oil *


  1. Looks really delicious! :)~ This reminds me that can also use fermented bean curd for veggies (the food court yth's sidedish), I feel like trying suddenly, keke...

  2. I picked up a jar of that because it looked interesting, but couldn't find anything to do with it... until now. Thanks!

  3. Never try mixing bean curd with fermented bean curd but you does make it looks delicious!!

    You got an award from me, check it out from my blog! Congrats!

  4. Hey, I am a teochew too, and love those dishes with plain teochew porridge!

  5. Btw, hope u dont mind i m linking my food blog to your delicious recipe blog :)

  6. I'm half teochew and half hokkien but I love porridge. Thanks for the recipe.

  7. My parents love fermented bean curd with porridge. This chilli version sounds right up their alley!

    Btw, you have been tagged :) More information over here:

  8. Noobcook,
    Thanks! I can eat a few bowl of plain porridge with this alone.

    Haha ... hope you like it then. :)

    It's always 2 dishes when my father cook it. I'm just lazy. hahaha ...

    Thanks for the award. :)

    Mummy to QiQi,
    Ah! I fellow Teochew. Teochew porridge and the dishes that goes with it are so simple and yet so yummy. :)

    Of course I dont mind. It's an honor. Thanks for linking.

    My mom is Hokkien but since she doesnt cook. I really have not idea what Hokkien dishes are like. ;)

    You either love or hate fermented bean curd. I think you parents love it so much they can just eat it with plain porridge and nothing else, right? hehe ...

    Thanks for the tag but I would have to pass. I really dont have the time to do tag. Sorry!