Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Marmite Prawns

I think being a picker eater might be inheritance because I remembered my father bought many bottles of Bovril and it was like I only ate plain porridge with Bovril - two bowls of it each time. Hmm ... or was it because my mother doesn't cook? Maybe it was both.

My father once told me, he was glad he found Bovril as my appetite increased after adding Bovril in my meals. During that time Bovril contains beef and my father found it nutritious enough of a young kid *me!* who hardly eats. Well, at least it's better than eating plain porridge. He was the person who suggested using it when I told him about the feeding problem with my son when he was a toddler.

The Bovril in Singapore doesn't contains beef now due to the Mad-Cow disease many year ago. I know the ones in UK is back with its original containing beef. I do wish Singapore would import that too. I miss it.

I found out about Marmite during my teen years, the alternative choice if you are a vegetarian or can't take beef. It took me a while to get used to the taste. My son, however like it very much. My daughter hates both. *laughs* So no easy way out for me.

Other than adding Marmite or Bovril to your porridge or making it as a hot drink, you can actually cook using it. If you like Marmite or Bovril, you will like the dishes you cook it with and it easy too because since it rather flavourful, you don't need much seasoning.

For this dish, I'm using Marmite instead Bovril. If you like Marmite and have not tried cooking with it, why not give it a try?

  • 10 Medium Prawns, slit the back and devien
  • Corn Flour for dusting
  • Oil for frying
  • 50ml Water
  • 4 pieces Rock Sugar (those in regular rectangular shape)
  • 1 teaspoon Sugar
  • 2/3 tablespoon Marmite
How to do it:
  1. Lightly dust prawns with cornflour.
  2. Deep fry prawns in hot oil till they turn red.
  3. Remove and drain prawns.
  4. Add prawns in a wok.
  5. Add in the seasonings.
  6. Stir fry in low till the sauce is thickened and almost dried up.
  7. Dish and serve.

  • Click HERE for printer-friendly version of an original recipe.


  1. I have also tried Marmite Chicken. It is usually served with steamed mantau.

  2. Hi WokkingMum,

    Your point about being a picker might be inheritance reminded me of an article I came across at NYTimes some time back.

    BTW, I loved the Bovril back then. I am always a beef person. (^.^)

  3. I adored Bovril as a kid and was so devastated when they were taken off the shelves in Singapore haha... I see them here in the UK now but funnily enough I've stuck with Marmite. The husband detests them though, he would kill me if I make these lol!

  4. I love the taste of both too :) Will definitely try this dish! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. hee I love Marmite over Bovril. I love porridge with Marmite and I don't need any other dishes, keke! This is a creative dish :)

  6. err...sounds scary to me. Is it like fermented bean curd

  7. my hubby loves prawn and Bovril/marmite, i had tried cook dish with marmite b4, but it doesn't turn up the 'strong marmite' smell.. maybe i tried this 1 day.. ya.. my picky son like that taste as well.

  8. Oh my sil feed twins with those daily when they were babies and the porridge was a very dark brown colour which was extremely salty when I tried. I was horrified. Now we are back at it but only use 1/2 teaspoon on porridge.

  9. yummy, make me wanna bite it now, you are so great in wok-king :)

  10. Hello.
    You have a very interesting blog about foods I've never heard of before. Sometimes I do get tired of what I'm eating and wish to try something new. Though I am a picker eater, I did try a bit of frog legs once (aka spring chicken).The only thing I have ever tried outside my zone. If you get a chance please stop by my blog.

  11. Shooi,
    Ooo ... I love it with Chicken too! But have not try it with Mantau. Must try next time.

    Thanks for the link. Now I have to ask my parents who is the picky eater. haha .

    I miss the original Bovril. :(

    Me too! I was very upset and their Chicken version was not even half as good as the beef one.

    Yah, I intend to ask my brother in law to bring back a few giant bottle when he takes leaves and come back from London too. hehe ...

    My husband doesnt like both but surprisingly he find this acceptable. Maybe your husband too?

    Welcome. Hope you like it. :)

    Haha ... I can spread it over bread and then make a cup of hot marmite drink to go with the bread. yum!

    haha ... scary? Buy a baby bottle or marmite to try. Who knows you might like it leh? ;) You dont like fermented bean curd ah?

    My Life Zone,
    This doesnt have a very strong marmite taste/smell. If you put too much marmite it will be bitter. :)

    Dark Brown?! Gosh! That's soooo salty! It should be pale brown mah. :P Scary!

    Mummy to QiQi,


    Er ... frog legs are not spring chicken. Frog legs ARE really frog's leg. Hope you are not throwing up now. :P

    I went over to you blog. You have a great blog too.

  12. thanks. I was searching this recipe this morning (2nd day of CNY) to cook for whole family. I am going to use this easy to prepapre recipe. Happy CNY.

  13. Hi WokkingMum,

    i love ur blog... its fantastic...

    btw, do u know how to cook coca cola chicken??