Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Home-made Bone Broth

The making of Bone Broth is pretty much the same as Chicken Broth. Use Bone broth for cooking if you can't take Chicken Broth for various reasons, eg, having cough, after surgery, etc.

You can use big bones (大骨) or rib bones (骨支) to make broth. The seller recommended the rib bones because it contains more minerals. The results of the broth using the different bones will be a lighter coloured broth (on the left) if you are using big bone and a darker (brownish) coloured broth (on the right) if you are using rib bones.

I have been making and using broth for a few years now. Initially to make porridge for kids when they were babies. When they are older, I used broth to cooked with macaroni, noodle, mee suah, etc. If I want to cook soup quickly, I use broth too!

Sometimes I use big bones directly to make soup instead of pork ribs, as they are a lot more sweeter and cheaper. I would then brew the soup for at least 4 hours, just like when I make broth. Compare about $1.20 for 1 big bone to $2.30 for 250g of pork ribs to make a pot of soup, using big bone is cheaper than pork ribs, that is you do not eat the meat just like us.

To make 2.5 litre of Bone Broth, use 2-3 big bone or 600ml of rib bones. Storage of Bone Broth is the same as Chicken Broth. A good sign to know you have brew the broth long enough is at the end of the process, the big bone is 'broken' in pieces (from 2 to 4 pieces) and the meat is detached from the bone.

You can also use the same method to make Fish Broth. You should be able to buy fish bones from fishmongers.

* Big Bone and Rib Bones *


  1. thanks for the sharing... I going to try this... you know.. I have to prepare for the dinner and cook after work. (if my son no sleep, my mum will not dare to leave him alone, so i will cook after i back from works). Thus, this pre home-made Broth can help me a lot to speed up the process. And is good compare to those 'instant' cube bought from supermarket.. thanks ya...

  2. My Life Zone
    I do it twice a week to stock up. So I have broth anytime I need it. Making soup will be alot faster.

  3. do i need to keep it frozen if i like to keep for abt 1 - 2 weeks?

  4. Anonymous,
    Yes, it's best to freeze it and it can be keep to a month, no problem. Do not refreeze once thaw. If you do not want to freeze, I suggest you finish it within the next 2 day (I finished it the next day) as there is not preservative. I will turn bad. :)