Monday, April 23, 2007

Feed me Grapes

I had more time end last week, not because the kids well but my daughter stop puking, so less stuff to wash and clean, so more time for me to cook.

My son asked for grapes but alas, you know what grapes can do to his coughing. So he had the rice version instead. I mixed rice with Plum Furikake, hence the purplish hue.

His sides are:


  1. First time here and I've started to fall in love with your blog! Great stuff you have in here. Btw, how does Plum Furikake looks like and what wonder do they have?

  2. Hijackqueen,
    Welcome! Thanks for your compliments. :p

    It's says on the packaging , red perilla, ume plum, vinegar, salt, sugar, seasoning.

    It taste slightly sour unlike other furikake which are saltish, so add sparingly.