Monday, July 21, 2014

{ Little Lunch Box #67 }

I made Egg Mayo Buns for my daughter last Thursday.  Okay, they are sandwiches shaped like buns.  They make eating egg mayo sandwiches a lot less messier as the fillings won't fall over over the place.  Works well with tuna fillings too.

I did it with the help of a tool - my daughter's toy cookie cutter, which I have 'stolen' from her a few years back. :P  You can use any round shape items, like bowl, cup, takeaway plastic container, etc., preferably with a thicker edge to help press on the breads and stick more securely.

Here are the steps to make the sandwich buns:

Place a heap of fillings in the middle of the bread.  You can make an impression of the ring that you will be using on the bread as a guide so the filling will not exceed the circle.

Place another piece of bread over it. DO NOT PRESS on it.  Instead, squeeze on the sides on the bread a little. 

Place the circle cutter or cup on the bump and continue pressing the sides to push more bread into the ring.  This is to help create a dome and to prevent the bread from stretching out and tearing when you press the ring later.

Press the ring down hard so the 2 pieces of bread will stick together.  Use a knife to cut away the excess bread outside the ring.

Remove the ring and you will see the end product, the bun sandwich.  You may serve it as it is or toast it in the oven for a crunchy bite.

It is best to use fresh bread or (store bought) bread not longer than 2 days old as the bread begins to dry a little and is not so stretchable.  The top bread will tends to tear.

Please do not throw away the excess bread.  You can use that to make breadcrumbs.

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