Saturday, July 12, 2014

{ Breakfast: Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger }

I'm clearing mushrooms that I bought earlier this week that I ended up not cooking.  I had a tray of medium sized portobello mushrooms so I thought I will just grill them for breakfast today.

The kids want theirs with ham and cheese; without bread. :/  I haven't been well and lost my appetite. So I'm going to force myself to have a heavier breakfast.  I had cravings for caramelised onions, so adding that to my mushrooms should help whet my appetite.

I oven grilled the portobello mushroom for 10mins at 240c, with butter, garlic powder and and a splash of balsamic vinegar, basting the mushroom with the sauce from it.

The burger bun was halved and toasted. I had the burger with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, the juicy portobello mushroom; topped with yummy caramelised onions.

Did this whet your appetite like it did for me?

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