Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oven Roasted Maltose Ribs

I love ribs but every time I make them at home, I have to eat them fast as they tends to turn harder when they start to cool down. This is largely due to the sugar used. Of course you can use honey to replace sugar but I dislike the taste of honey. I find it over-powering.

I have some maltose left from my roast chicken, I decided to use that on my Caramelized Pork Rib recipe. As I didn't stock up my pantry, I have many missing ingredient :P Hence, I also replace the Chinese Cooking Wine aka Shao Hsing Hua Tiao Chiew with Mirin. I didn't add vinegar or apple cider here too. Therefore, there isn't any vinegar based sauce to make the meat 'melt in your mouth'.

Although, the meat did not slip of the bones this time, it's still tender enough. I love how the maltose caramelized but without turning hard when the ribs cooled. And it doesn't make the ribs over sweet too.

My husband commented that this is the best ribs I have made so far. ;) I can't wait to make it again for the Christmas get-together at my place. I hope my friends will like it too. :)

Mirin                                          Maltose

  • 700g Meaty Prime Ribs, slightly fatty preferred

  • 5 tablespoon Light Soy Sauce
  • 4 tablespoon Maltose
  • 3 tablespoon Mirin
  • 2 tablespoon Tomato Sauce
  • 40ml Water 

How to do it:
  1. Place marinade and ribs in a zip-loc bag and marinate for at least an hour.
  2. Place ribs, with meaty side down, in a deep baking dish with the marinade.
  3. Roast at 200C for 1 hour.
  4. Bast with sauce in-between roasting.
  5. Turn rib over after 1 hour, bast with sauce and continue roasting for another 15 minutes.
  6. Remove and place on dish and serve.


  1. I would love to try, looks so delicious!

  2. Hi,

    I have tried other simpler recipes from your blog but this is the first time i am trying something more challenging for me. I got down to try out this recipe, rather risky to try it for my in-laws christmas gathering, but the feedback was good. My MIL commented it was not sweet enough but I thought it was just nice. Mine did not look as nice as yours in the pic though.

    Thanks for all the effort to put up those recipes. I shall continue to tap on them to get more approvals from my family. Hehe!

  3. Wendy, Thank you for trying out. It's my pleasure sharing my recipes. Hope you continue to have fun cooking! :)

  4. May I know where to buy maltose? Mh

  5. Mh, Both Sheng Siong and Phoon Huat have it. :)

  6. Thank you and happy new year! Mh

  7. Hi WokkingMum, sorry I have a silly question (still a novice in cooking), may I know what do you mean by "bast with sauce"? What sauce is that?

    1. Hi Ade! It means to spread the sauce on the meat. You know like when BBQing, you brush the meat with oil/sauce while BBQing on the rack. :) Hope you understand what I'm trying to say. :)