Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fish Porridge Set

I have been very busy for the past weeks. My son had Chicken Pox but it was lucky for me that he recovered rather quickly and it wasn't passed to my daughter. The unfortunate thing was everyone else was sick too. We didn't have appetite for any food other than porridge. It's a torture to try feeding sick kids, especially if they have a cold. They either reject the food or eat very little. Thank God, my kids love porridge especially porridge with fish slices and can finish one big bowl for it and really fast. :) The way I do my fish porridge is slightly different. My friends called it Fish Porridge Set. ;P I always use snakehead fish aka Toman as it not fishy and is flaky. Season 300g of the fish slices for 30 minutes with 2 teaspoon light soy sauce, 2 teaspoon cooking wine, 4 teaspoon ginger juice. Do retain the ginger after squeezing out the juice. In a dish, place fish slices without the marinade. Add a few pieces of spring onions to it, white parts only. Steam it for 7 minutes or till cooked. You will have a dish of steamed fish slices with lots of sauce. However, if you have kids who do not like to eat whole slice of fish, like my daughter, take half of the fish slices and cook it with the porridge. As it is flaky, after a few stirs, it will break down and blend in with the porridge. Do not waste the marinade. You can add the marinade to the porridge and cook together. Add another 2 to 3 slices of ginger to the porridge if you like. I don't add in any more seasoning as we will use the sauce from the steamed fish as seasoning. You can add seasoning if you like. I do not throw away the remains of the ginger after squeezing out the juice. I fry it will some oil or sesame seed oil till golden brown and I can use that as garnishing. As the ginger is not as juicy, it browns very fast, so be careful not to burn it. How do we eat our porridge? Other than my daughter, who will only eat with the fish flaked and blended into the porridge, the rest of us eat our porridge with slices of fish and spring onions, top with fried ginger and spring onions, drizzled with sauce from the steamed fish and some sesame seed oil if you like. Try this for a change.


  1. This looks very nutritious and healthy, I like the recipe =D

  2. Hi elaine!!

    How do you make your porridge look so "smooth"?? Any tips?? :-)

    Thanks, Vanessa

  3. Hi Wokking Mum,
    Could you share with me your porridge recipe?

  4. Vanessa, Cindy,

    Usually, we don't want to stir the porridge cos it will cause the grains to break up.

    But we prefer smoother porridge, so I use 5 part water to 1 part rice and cook in high fire till it start to open. Then reduce to medium fire to let it continue cooking till the grains split up. Reduce to low fire and stir frequently to prevent the porridge from sticking to the base and burn. Continue cooking till you get the smooth porridge you like. It's as simple as that. ;)

    If you prefer your porridge to be thicker and not turn watery so fast, add some glutinous rice to your normal rice to make porridge.

    Hope this helps.

  5. fantastic photos ! I would love to have congee jook everyday. plain or with neverending list of toppings. whenever my boyfriend has a cold I like to make it with roasted garlic ( sweet paste)natural medicine! and sliver of mushroom , ginger and white pepper.finish with some cilantro. Back to normal the very next day. It works!

  6. Hi Wokkingmum,

    I love your recipes! Probably because the taste suits me and my family better... And for this fish porridge set, I had made it last night. And even after the fish slices and porridge had already turned cold when my husband returned from work, he still finished everything and even asked me to cook this again tonight! My daughter who's extremely picky, finished the whole bowl of porridge too! (Cause usually, I'm very poor at cooking porridge... )

    Thanks for the great recipes!

    ~ Dora ~