Friday, November 2, 2007

Soba with Chilli Prawns

I love Chilli Crabs but unfortunately or fortunately, I haven't got over the phobia of killing and preparing crabs. Hence, I use other ingredients in replacement of crabs. Just like this previous dish here.

The other day I had cravings for chilli crabs (again). I got the prawns meant for another dish to make Chilli Prawns instead, using the same ingredients and same way I did 0the previous dish but using prawns of course.

I didn't want to have rice. So I grab a bunch of soba and cooked it. Add the prepared chilli prawns to it and voila! Hmmm ... Italian dish with Japanese and Singaporean flavours! Very fusion!

I wished I had used Penne instead of Soba. Why? So I can eat quietly but still be able to grab more sauce in every bite. I was slurping so loudly with my plate of soba I think the Japanese would be happy.

* Chilli Prawns *

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