Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Pizza Rice

My son told me he wanted pizza for dinner so I made this 'pizza' for him. When I served him this, he told me something was missing. Why no cheese? he asked. Hahaha .... He really took out the Parmesan Cheese and started shaking it on his 'pizza'. I want a lot! I like it with a lot of Cheese! That's what he said.

Make your pizza with the ingredients you like. It's fun!


  1. wah!! like tat oso kah? different type of pizza plus japanese rice ball style! haha...did your son enjoy the special pizza?

  2. msaufong,
    He complain why no cheese and why not cut into slices just like pizza. So hard to please! hahaha! But he did finish it lah.

  3. wah creative and nice..even my girl see the pic oso say pizza LOL

  4. jazzmint,
    Thanks! This can only means it really does look like pizza! LOL