Thursday, June 12, 2014

{ Dinner: Japanese Inspired }

The weather has been a truant lately.  Every time I cook, I feel like I'm going to die from both the heat from the terrible weather as well as from cooking.

I have been either cooking really simple quick one pot dinner or eating out. Even if  when I cook I don't have to strength or mood to take any food pics after that. Not even from the mobile phone. (These 2 pics here were taking using my mobile phone ;P)  I just want to quickly clean, wash up and get out of the kitchen to have a shower.

Yesterday, I thought, frying some chicken and mushroom (on top of cooking ramen) wouldn't be that bad but I was so wrong. I think the cooking almost killed me. I ended up eating only a small portion of fried chicken and mushroom, the okra and LOTS of salad! I didn't have ramen cos it's just too hot to enjoy it.

Well, the kids enjoyed it. My daughter actually had 2 servings of ramen. My sweet daughter helped washed all the dishes after that while I head for the showers and she actually vacuumed the house while I was making dinner.  Don't even ask about my son. :/  Humph!

Anyways, here's what's on our dining table last night (that almost killed me :P),

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  1. Coconut jelly looks yummy. Envy that you have got a good daughter. :)