Friday, April 12, 2013

{ Cheese Stuff Pork Cutlet, Veggie Stew and Oden }

It's a busy day for me today as I have parent volunteer duties in school in the morning for the kids' swimming programme. By the time I reached home, it will be past noon time.

So dinner today has to be prepared ahead so I don't have to rush and have more time to clear my housework for the weekends.

I prepared the pork and vegetable stew and oden and let them 'cook' in thermal pots. When it's close to dinner time, I just reheat them and add in the shabu shabu pork with the vegetable stew and the rest of the (yong tau foo) ingredients for the oden.

The pork cutlet was marinated last night and I too had it ready this morning, wrapped in cling wrap till they are ready to be fried.

After getting my daughter's lunch box ready, I'm off with my daughter to school. This is how a typical SAHM (me) spend her Friday morning. How did you spend yours?


  1. 那么丰富,吃了都爽嘛!哈哈~

  2. Amazing! I love all the dishes you put together for your family. My morning consists of frantically getting ready, feeding the dog and running out the door to work. Then I get to work..and work. A very unexciting start to a Friday morning!