Monday, January 28, 2013

Little Lunch Box #44

This is a simple lunch box I prepared for my daughter for her recess last Wednesday.

Before I start packing, she told me not to make any animals for her (she is not into cute food). She said she don't know how to eat them. She said just make like our dinner. :P

I still couldn't resist and sliced a braised egg and decorated it a little. I regretted a little cos moisture from the rice did some changes to the egg yolk. Then when my daughter saw it, she said, "I thought I said please don't make any animals?" :P :P  Opps ... 

Okay, I will try not to next time. ;)

Braised Egg on Mixed Rice (white and brown rice)

Chicken Cutlet and Sweet Peas with Edamame & Crabstick

Introducing more fruits to my fruit hater :P
She has accepted apples and blueberries. Letting her try golden kiwi.

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  1. So adorable! I can't believe your daughter doesn't want these adorable animals in her lunch box. You're very creative and thoughtful to put so much effort into your childrens' lunches.