Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Lunch Box #37

Was in a super bad mood after receiving a call from my son (who was in school). I shall not go into details as it will just make my already foul mood worst. >:(

After that, everything doesn't seems to go well with my lunch box making. >:( I kept tearing the sun's ray made using egg. I couldn't roll the egg roll to form the flowers (yes, those 2 were suppose to look like flowers). It keep falling apart. The snails didn't have proper eyes and missing the antennas. :/

This was the best I could do, after eating lots of leftover and 'spoiled' food. I don't think I can eat anymore. Neither do I want to eat anymore.

I need happy food now. :P


  1. Hi Elaine, your bento still look chirpy!
    Understand the angry part. that's part and parcel of being a mom.

  2. Oh hope you are feeling better now. Your bento still look very pretty to me, I will definitely very happy if I get to bring this for my lunch.

  3. Hope everything is fine now, been reading your posts for a few years now, Do keep up the good work! You are a fine SAHM ; )

  4. Chanced upon your blog and I'm hoping to pick up cooking for my family too. My son is allergic to eggs, do you have any good egg free recipes including pastries? Thanks!