Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little Lunch Box #36

Another simple lunch for the kids. This mum is getting lazy. :P

I bought the fishy 'fish cake' and the squarish 'fish tofu' from the wet market's yong tau foo stall. I sliced them into half, steamed them and use them to top the rice that's mixed with furikake. Those in the middle are sausages, by the way.

I bought them miso soup too to go with these. ;)


  1. Hi Elaine
    I think I want to try this for my girl's kindergarten party. But I dont know how I can do this? Can you share some tips:
    - where to get furikake in singapore?
    - do you use japanese rice or normal Thai rice?
    - how do you get the seaweed to stick together?
    - how do I shape the rice ball evenly for the fish sushi?

    Sorry for so many questions as I am not an expert in cooking.


    1. You can get furikake from Supermarkets like NTUC, Cold Storage, Gaint, etc. Daiso has them too.

      I'm using normal Thai rice. Just add a bit more water to cook the rice and it will be moist and sticky enough to shape.

      You can use a grain of cook rice to stick the seaweed together. However for the case of the "gift box" I didn't do it. the seaweed sticked to the rice.

      THe rice ball is not exactly the same unless you are using a mould. If you want to do that, you can get a rice mould from Daiso, then each rice ball will be of the same size and shape.

      Hope this helps.