Friday, March 9, 2012

Home Made Mango Ice Cream

I had an old recipe that I posted sometime back on my home-made ice-cream which required more steps and more ingredients.

This time I tested it with just using whipping cream (cos I happened to have one) and it works well too! You will be surprised to know how easy and simple it can be. :)

Mangoes are somehow in season now (didn't remember they were in season during this part of the year) and are always on offer. I can't resist it and bought 5 there other day and kept two for this recipe.  You can use other fruits instead but Mango is always a favourite. You just can't go wrong with Mango.

I'm sharing this recipe first as I have a high number of requests for it after I post it in my Facebook. If you are waiting for my other outstanding recipes, I will post them as soon as I have time to do it.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this recipe. Do check out my recipe for Home-made Chocolate Ice-cream too.

  • 2 ripe Mangoes
  • 200ml Whipping Cream
  • 5 tablespoon Icing Sugar or to taste

How to do:
  1. Stone and skin mangoes.
  2. Puree 350g of the mangoes (about 1 1/2 mangoes) and dice the rest.
  3. Mix or blend the mango puree with sugar and whipping cream.
  4. Add some diced mangoes too if you like to the blended mixture (I did though you can't see it from the photo). It's really nice to be able to bite into bits of mango when you eat the ice cream.
  5. Pour the mixture into a container.
  6. Place a piece of baking paper on it and freeze till frozen.

  • Add sugar according to your taste, taking note that after adding the whipping cream, the mango mixture will be less sweet.
  • If you remove every hour to stir with a fork and repeat for 5 to 6 times or till it set. It will helps keep it more creamy and less crystallize-like.
  • I use the baking paper to prevent any water droplet from getting to the ice cream, which will cause the ice-cream surface to crystallize.


  1. Elaine...hehehe...can mix everything together? No need to whisk the whip cream? I freeze my whipped cream already, can use?

    1. Yukie, Hehehe ... why you ask me here and not in FB? Ya, don't have to whip up the cream, just mix everything and freeze. You can whip the cream first, if you want. I'm taking into consideration for those who don't even have a whisk. :P

  2. this looks easy for somebody whom dont own ice cream maker like me :)

    1. Me too don't own a ice cream maker. Do try it. I have a few friends who tried it with success. Your kid will be thrilled. :)

  3. Replies
    1. No, you have to. just mix everything up. You don't even need to whip up the cream. :)

  4. Hi Wokking mum, can check with you if u know how to make yogurt ice cream? Thanks!
    I tried the chocolate ice-cream with my daughter. We have much fun making and eating. :)

    1. Just add in an additional 100ml of plain yogurt to the recipe and you will have your mangi yogurt ice-cream :)

      Thanks for trying. Glad you & your daughter had fun making it :)

  5. Sounds so easy..will make it a try. Thanks for sharing

  6. Hi Elaine, for the icing sugar, can I use those with starch added e.g. SIS brand?

    1. Yes. If not you can use extra fine sugar. Either blend it till powder like or mix till the sugar has melted.

    2. Thanks Elaine! I tried your choc ice cream instead as I do not have good mangoes on hand. It was a success and real yummy but it was very hard to scoop.... Maybe my freezer's too cold.

  7. Hi Elaine! I tried making the ice cream using 250g of strawberries instead of mangoes. The taste was great but it turned out more like sorbet and not like creamy ice cream. Why? Also it was very hard to scoop. I did stir with a fork every hour, as you advised, but by the 2nd/3rd hour, it wad already 1/4 frozen. Is my freezer too cold? Perhaps if I add 100ml fresh milk, will it make it a little more creamy? Thks so much!:)

  8. Hi Elaine, tried your recipe using 250g of strawberries instead of mangoes. The taste is great but the texture was more like sorbet and not as creamy as I thought it would be. I did stir with a fork every hour but by the 2nd/3rd hour, the ice cream was already 1/4 frozen. Was my freezer too cold? If I were to add an additional 100ml of fresh milk, would the ice cream be more creamy? Thks!:)

  9. Oops so sorry, I posted the same comment twice. Thought the first one didn't get through.