Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cordyceps Militaris Chicken Soup 虫草花炖鸡汤

I had Cordyceps Sinensis 冬虫夏草 regularly when I was pregnant with my first child. And of course I want to do the same when I'm pregnant with my second child. However the price for Cordyceps Sinensis 冬虫夏草 has rose to a extorted price. Then I was introduced to Cordyceps Militaris 虫草花.

It has similar medicinal value to Cordyceps Sinensis 冬虫夏草 though not of comparable strength but the price of Cordyceps Militaris 虫草花 is also only a small fraction of the Cordyceps Sinensis too.

Logically, it is more effective to take  Cordyceps Militaris 虫草花 regularly then to take Cordyceps Sinensis 冬虫夏草 once a while.

We have since been having Cordyceps Militaris 虫草花 for the pass 6 years. Oh, there isn't much difference in the taste except the soup made using Cordyceps Militaris 虫草花 looks more orange in colour. My daughter called it Orange Soup, by the way. ;)

  • 1 Chicken
  • 20g Cordyceps Militaris 虫草花
  • 2 tablespoon Wolfberries 枸杞子
  • 15 Dried Seedless Red Dates 红枣
  • 1.5 liter Water
  • Salt to taste

How to do it:
  1. Blanch Chicken to remove the scum.
  2. Put all ingredients, except wolfberries and salt in a pot.
  3. Bring to a boil before reducing to a simmer.
  4. Simmer for 3-4 hours.
  5. Add wolfberries during the last hour before end of cooking
  6. Add salt to taste.


  1. What a great soup recipe! Look healthy and delicious and not difficult to cook. Thanks for sharing :D

  2. Congratulations are in order then! :0) When is the little arrival due?
    I've had Cordyceps Militaris 虫草花 in soup when I go home to visit mum. What health properties does it have?
    (The first time I had it in soup I thought I was nibbling dried squid tentacles!)

  3. Thanks for sharing. Yes 冬虫夏草 is so expensive, I dun even buy it for once. I can try your recipe with the 虫草花.

  4. @Zoe, You are welcome.
    @PlumLeaf, She came 5 yrs ago. Sorry for the misunderstandy. :D It's suppose to strengthen the lungs if taken in long term.
    @Vicky, Do try it.

  5. where do you buy the 虫草花?

  6. @Sandy, I bought mine from a Chinese Medical Hall at my place. Maybe you can check with one at your place.

  7. Whats the medicinal property for this herb? Is it heaty or cooling? Suitable for everyone in the family?

  8. @Remy, It's warm and known to to use to nourish the lungs. I'm not sure if those with certain medical conditions can have this or not. So it's best to consult your doctor if you are not sure.

  9. if i want use 冬虫夏草 isn't i can follow same quantity of 虫草花 the menu above?


  10. Anon, oh no! You dont need that much. It will cost a bomb!! I suggest you cut down the water to 1ltr and use double boil method instead. About 4-6 pieces of Cordyceps is enough. Reduce the red dates to 8-10 dates.

  11. Really i dont know about that Cordyceps

    can also use in chiken soup thanks for nice and very informative post.

  12. holy shit isn't this the zombie fungus, people eat this in a soup??

    1. Sorry I don't know any zombie fungus.
      Well, you can google for "Cordyceps Militaris" to check if there are really people are eating this or if it's just me. :)


      Every specie in the Cordyceps genus is endoparasitoid. Both Cordyceps Militaris and Cordyceps Sinesis grow inside insects. They haven been popularly called zombie fungus because they change the behavior of their host. It won't do anything to you though.