Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wakame Salad

My hubby thinks I’m mad. I'm so hooked on Wakame aka seaweed that I have to make myself a Tupperware of the Wakame Salad everyday to munch on it as and when I like. My hubby said it doesn’t look good, doesn’t taste good and he just doesn’t understand my craze about the veg.

Beats me, I don’t understand either. Well, at least it’s a healthy ‘snack’ and it’s really easy to prepare because I have it as a salad; meaning no cooking required. The kids loved it when I cooked it with eggs. The only person missing it is the person who thinks I’m mad.
What goes in there: Wakame, Chinese Parsley or Coriander, Oyster Sauce, Sesame Seed Oil and Lime juice. If you like it hot, add some cut chillies.

You decide on how much of the ingredients you like to add. Mix all the ingredients together and you can start to munch! Easy peasy!


  1. haha, so glad that finally I see someone putting up a recipe how to make this dish. I love it but just dunno what to put in. I have a pack of wakame in my freezer for almost 2 years already...wonder if I can eat it...

  2. Linda,
    You like this too?! Can you imagine I still eating this once a while? I also have a pack left in the freezer though not as long as yours. :P 2 year, I think cannot eat. I remember that guy who sell this said can be kept for a year. I bought my last 3 pack from Seng Siong last year. You might want to check there if you like. :)